Saturday Surprise


Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us.   ~ Boris Pasternak

Saturday morning, 8am. My car was due to be dropped off at the dealer for service, and Andrew was my ride back home.

No make-up, dressed in ratty attire, I was barely awake. Remember, I’m not a morning person.

Andrew: “Bring your camera, I have a surprise for you.”

Me: “What? Why? YOU SAID we were coming straight back home! I’m not dressed to meet any people or go anywhere! What is it? Where do we have to go?”

Andrew: “Not telling you, it’s a surprise. Just bring you camera.”

I am not someone who likes surprises. It’s part of that whole need to control and manage everything. If it’s not on the plan, my first reaction is usually HELL NO.

But since I’ve declared a summer sabbatical from needing to control everything, I shut my mouth, grabbed my camera, and got in the car.

There’s no more discussion on it until we take a different way home, and pull over on the side of the road next to a large field where several stalks of sunflowers are opening to the cloudless, Carolina Blue sky.

Andrew knows how much I love sunflowers. In France last year, I was able to photograph the last of the sunflowers in a field near Carcassonne. It was one of the best moments of the trip. But it was fall, and most of the sunflowers had died. He knows I dream of going back to southern France in the summer when the fields of sunflowers stretch for miles and miles.


I quietly said, “Thank you,” and got out of the car.

He waited patiently for several minutes while I stomped around that field, shooting the cheerful sunflowers from all angles.



This plot of land is literally less than two miles from our house. I’ve probably driven by it several times over the last month, but I never noticed those sunflowers.

My decision to try a summer break from orchestrating and designing, to go with the flow and see what opens up, is bringing in some early positive returns.

I got to make some art, and was reminded of how much I am loved.

Maybe surprises aren’t so bad after all.

How has life surprised you today?

Surprise is key in all art.   ~ Oscar Niemeyer


5 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise

  1. Beautiful! Love the one of the single flower against a sort of grayish background. That would be fabulous blown up and framed!

  2. Your sunflower photos are lovely and such a sweet gesture on Andrew’s part for taking you there as a surprise!
    Hope you get to go back and photograph the fields in southern France!

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