I wrote this poem for Ben in May of this year, upon the occasion of his graduation from high school.  

The poem itself is not that important (although I like to think it’s pretty good).  But what IS important is the act – the act of communicating love and belief to someone.

How much does it count to know that someone believes in you? – I mean, REALLY believes in you?  Whether it’s your mother, your sister, your coach, your manager, or your friend – I think it counts a lot.

Believe in someone.  And then let them know how you feel.

Will Be

You were
angry little sumo
roasted ginger curls
with thrust out chin
demanding to get your way

You were
A Poet
language your favorite tool
Greek myths
your bedtime stories
memorizing Shakespeare at twelve

You were
Stubborn and out front
Always wanting to
rewrite the rules
Your followers sometimes
A band of thieves

You are
on a journey to the
Will be

Will you
Tend and fan
your youthful fire
a blaze of passion
to light your own true path

Will you
Allow the curious poet
His place
in front of the cool guy
Weave words and ideas
To tell stories
That transform

Will you
Have the strength
To step onto
A new mound
take hold
Of the leader role
and show others
how to rewrite the rules again

You are fire
You are poet
You are strength

You will.

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